Mentoring Services

Creative Writing Tuition


Why take on a mentor?

You've been told you're a talented writer, and you've certainly put in the hours.

You'd like to see more of your work in print. One day you hope to write a collection of stories or a novel. 

What do you need to make all this happen?

As a published short story writer used to juggling the demands of work and family life, I understand how finding the time for your creative ambitions can be hard.

Taking on a creative writing mentor can make all the difference…

Start by working out where you want to go with your writing...

I was a bit lost, and Louise helped me work out what I wanted to achieve. I am now submitting more regularly to journals and competitions.
— Anna M

Define a clear set of goals and work towards them ...

Our approach was for me to send Louise a story before each session for her to give forensic analysis and feedback. I went away with clear ideas on what to work on. The sessions were relaxed and enjoyable, but always had a clear focus.
— Cheryl P

Take things to the next level...

Perhaps the biggest milestone of all was my decision to apply to do an MA in Writing. Louise helped me with my personal statement and helped me to select the best pieces for my portfolio. I was accepted at Warwick University.

I teach people studying creative writing, and people who have never set foot in a university. You could be 16 or 86 - all I need to know is that you have talent and the will to succeed.

Learn one-to-one by:

  • Meeting up - within 25 miles of Birmingham, UK

  • Emailing - great for getting your work into shape and setting goals

  • Skype - blocks of three, six or twelve sessions are available

We’ll agree a set number of mentoring sessions and clear goals. The first session will be spent establishing what you want to get from mentoring, and what goals you may have. Further sessions will be built around setting tasks, editing your work, and covering all the things you want to know about getting published. 

The price is £150 for three sessions, £270 for six sessions or £55 per hour, with a discount for students. For a rate card with a full breakdown of all mentoring, manuscript appraisal and editing services, please email me.

You know how you carry around all these hopes, but find it hard to make space for them? I can set you on the right path.