The Jewel of the Orient

'The following day we met, by chance, in the local shop, a faded general store with a freezer full of ready meals, a poor selection of wine, and postcards at the till.'


'... the road stretched straight ahead, clouds hanging like paint in water, rain moving in vague, billowing sheets on the horizon.'


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This story made it into the recently released Best British Short Stories, and deservedly so. This brief tale of isolation and connection and the dangers of both is compelling reading and has me eager to read more of Louise Palfreyman’s work.
— Dan Powell
...a single, memorable image...’
— Alan Beard, on 'The Jewel of the Orient'
When an anthology limits itself to a particular vintage, you hope it’s a good year. The Best British Short Stories 2014 from Salt Publishing presupposes a fierce selection process. Nicholas Royle is the author of more than 100 short stories himself, and the head judge of the Manchester Fiction Prize, which inspires a sense of confidence in his choices. His introduction points us towards magazines and small publishers producing the collections from which these pieces are chosen. If you like short stories but don’t know where to find them, this book is a gateway to wider reading.
— Bare Fiction Magazine, on 'Best British Short Stories'