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Here's what you need to get started as a sourdough baker. Remember, you don't have to spend a fortune to turn out very good bread:

Digital Scales Precision is everything in baking.

Muslin cloths For lining your proving baskets.

Tea towels For covering dough during bulk fermentation.

Plastic dough scrapers For coaxing wet dough from the sides of the bowl before turning out.

Bench knife/dough cutter Great for moving dough around a work surface, and for dividing.

Filter jug Filtering water removes chlorine and other nasties.

Mister A simple plant spray bottle, for achieving a great crust.

Mixing bowls Various sizes. Metal or plastic work well. They don't break.

Proving baskets Round for boules, oblong for batons.

Baker's lame/grignette A very sharp razor blade for slashing your dough. Store with care.

Tins Various sizes, for sandwich loaves. Not used commonly for sourdough.

Dough board Mine is a large piece of painted and varnished mdf.

Peel A wooden implement for sliding dough into the oven.

Stone Ceramic, granite, even metal... all heat evenly to produce great bread.

Cloche/Dutch oven Using a dome cover or Dutch oven ensures steam is trapped during cooking.

Whisks Balloon, dough whisk, straight. Great for getting air into your starter.

Brush For coating the surface before adding extras like seeds.

Measuring jugs Various sizes.

Spatulas For mixing starters and easing dough out of the bowl.